New Shoes !!!

Hehe !! I got a voucher from my grandparents for Christmas, for a shoe shop in Chichester !! I bought a pair of white Converse shoes Yaaay :) Before Christmas I also ordered a pair of Dr Martens from ebay which arrived today, my feet are very happy :P It is quite coincidental because over Christmas I was set an essay about classics and Converse and Dr Martens were two of my classics, so I consider them research!

( Without the stripey socks O_0 )

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Day 24 !!!!!!!!!

ONE MORE SLEEP UNTIL CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been frantically wrapping, card making and cooking over the past couple of days !!! On Thursday I took a trip to Guildford. I haven't been there since the new shops have been built, so I was pretty excited to look round the new Urban Outfitters and Hollister. I actually could not believe the prices in Urban Outfitters, basically everything was in the sale; a great opportunity to buy presents for people (and myself :P)


Home made cards...


From Paperchase...

Making Mince Pies this afternoon...


CHRISTMAS TOMORROW !!!!!! Sleep tight xx

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Day 21

 H&M have announced that they will be collaborating with Italian Label Marni. It will be released on March 8th 2012!!!!
 So we have had H&M Versace, Lanvin and now Marni. What next?

Here is a nice picture of Marni S/S 2012


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Day 20

RAWR RAWR RAWR !!!!! Christian Louboutin Lion Paw Shoes :O :O


More affordable version :P :P !!!!!

4 MORE DAYYSSS !!!!!!!!!!

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Day 17, 18, 19 O_o

Haven't blogged in 3 days :O :O Sorry; not very good at keeping up with this advent calendar thing :/ xxxxx

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Day 16

Well, I had a dreadful start to the day today and a lovely end... I went Ice Skating in Winchester with some friends which was very festive feeling :) Add hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts and it was the perfect start to the Christmas holidays ! YAAYAYAA NO MORE COLLEGE !! No pictures of Ice Skating yet, but I also made some buttons and Christmas decorations....

Both made from oven clay !

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Day 16

IT'S SNOWING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Day 15

Well today was funnn... I had Lauren and Jaz over for a xmassy day; making ginger bread, drinking mocha and marshmallows, eating popcorn and the ginger bread we made and watching Home Alone 2 Yaayaayaaya!! :)

Recipe.... Mmmm Mmmm

P.S. My friend bought over the ingredients in a jar, so i'm not sure what the dry ingredients are, but when I know I will post them here!


Molasses bleuuurrrgghhh :O

Edible Glitter on my HANDS !!!!!

Meltymallows xx

Looked like it was going to snow earlier, maybe tomorrow we will all wake up to white grass :) :)


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More from Miiiiiike !!!!

Another new song from Miike Snow !!!!

Groooovy Dancing :P


OOOHHHHHH, ERRRRRRM, HMMMMMM ....How do they do it !??!!

Just seen this on the Royal Variety :O:O:O CRaaAayzAyyyy StuFf ...

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Day 14

Oi Oi Savaloy !!! Yar Yar --- Bip Ling Blog ____>>>>>>>>> http://www.bipling.com/, Jel, she is a blogger/DJ/model/fashion inspirationer/ party crasher/ art seller/regatta attender JEL!!!!!



Day 13

Woooooo!! 4 rolls of double sided tape and blistered hands, I am 90% finished with my portfolio :)

All the rubbish from the double sided tape :)

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Day 11 and 12

Today has been craayzaayy!! Approaching the portfolio deadline on Wednesday is proving very stressful... (hence the late post again and the constant moaning about folios) :P

Yesterday I did basically nothing apart from work and repeatedly listen to Miike Snow...

So, as I haven't done anything that exciting lately, here is a really cool book I bought a while back...

A book full of black and white, fashion illustrated postcards that you can colour, embellish, cover in glitter and then tear out and send to your friends :)

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Wooooooooo !!!

Ok, I know I am breaking the rules a bit posting twice, but I have just discovered that Miike Snow have got new songs out !!! They are one of my favourite bands and I LOVE THEM!!!

This one is my favourite so far :)

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Day 10

Today I visited Handmade Happiness in Petersfield. It is a shop selling handmade lovelies, made by local people. The shop started off as a blog : http://jenny-handmadehappiness.blogspot.com/ It had lots of festive goodies and decorations; one of which I bought (well my mum bought it for me!) Love you Mum :)

A handmade felt sheep decoration for the tree :)

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Day 9

This has been one of the most hectic weeks of my life (Sorry for the late post) ! It has mainly been due to portfolios and Ucas deadlines :( But Friday evening was my first Christmas celebration of the year; a lovely meal with the ladies at East (where I work)! I received some lovely nail varnishes from the secret santa and coincidentally I also received a set of magnetic nail varnishes in the post which were ordered about 2 months ago from QVC (Woooo teleshopping!!)

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Day 8

Nothing much exciting happened today, apart from manically printing out pictures for my portfolio which is due in for Wednesday morning o_O!!!

I did manage to pause for 3 minutes to watch this video that my Tutor was showing the class...

Can't decide whether it is beautiful or just Gross :/

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Day 7

Today at College we had a Christmas craft sale in the art block. Me and two of my friends made some things to sell with our tutors. It was really successful and I made enough to buy a pair of white Converse (which are on my need for University list) :P...

Our table...

My handmade crafty things... :)

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Day 6

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

The Boxall Christmas Tree and handmade salt dough decorations

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Day 5

Did you know ...

How Cuuutttee :) !

Discovered this website - http://www.learnsomethingeveryday.co.uk/

I have learnt alot today !

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Day 4

I have finally finshed my Umbrella project at College! Here are the photos of my Zoetrope Umbrella...

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