Designer of the Week - Kat Maconie

I have a severe love for Kat Maconie's shoes at the moment! They are all so bold and striking. My favourite style has to be the Velma shoe, which is such a simple and effective design with scope for many different variations...

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Last weekend I visited Norway with some Uni friends. We went skiing, sledging and ice skating. I literally hated skiing for the first half of the day, but when I finally got the hang of it, it was fun! What I found quite interesting in Norway was their outlook on health and safety. In England, we get the slightest bit of snow and ice, and the whole country closes down in fear of injury. Norway was refreshingly calm about issues such as ice. 
They just get on with it as I guess people don't sue as often over there.

Anyway... Here are some photos from the weekend...

Frozen hair...

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Robotaki is pure genius!



At Christmas we visited the beach and I thought I would make the most of the scenery. I downloaded the Fish Eye Pro app for my iPhone...

The same beach last summer...

Grrrr back to winter-

Puffah Jacket...

 Inside the creepy empty house. I wanted to photograph a ghost, but no ghosts there!

After the beach we visited the pretty beach town of Mousehole, which is known for its Christmas lights. I loved the lantern lights they had hanging everywhere, made of buckets :D

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Hello, Happy 2013!! A bit late yeah, sorry! I was back in Cornwall over Christmas! We moved into our new house on Christmas eve so it was a bit crazy... and I was without Internet for the whole 3 weeks!! Ohhh my 3G bill is gonna be bad :/

I was up to my old shoe making tricks again, for my film accessory project at Uni (The one I based on Spirited Away)!

Here are the photos from the final photo shoot.

Thank you to Amy for modelling. And to Stephen....(you know what you did) :D xxx

Things are getting pretty exciting this year: An upcoming internship, Ski trip, Paris trip and a possible (DJ related) part time job ;)

Also, the tattoo attempts that Laura and I both did a few months ago didn't turn out as well as planned.
On Wednesday we went to get them covered over...

I decided to get an extra couple of symbols to make the pain more worth while :)

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Hmmm on the album this song is called Estocada...

Only realised the other day that if you press alt j on your laptop it makes a traingle :3 ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆