Umbrellas !!!!

For the past 3 days I have been working on this little animation for an Umbrella project at College. I want to turn my Umbrella into a Zoetrope (Victorian spinny thing that makes pictures move!) To do this I have had to create a short (really short) animation to print onto my Umbrella. So I started with taking pictures of my friend Lauren jumping in the air with an umbrella. I then drew each of the images and coloured them in. Here is my little Zoetrope-to-be animation.......!!!!

I am so happy it has worked, my hand can now have a well earned rest :)

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Westminster and Brighton !

On Thursday me and my friend Jaz went to an open day at Westminster University. The fashion course there is really good and the tutors were really enthusiastic and passionate about it. We also go to see and touch ACTUAL students work, which I thought was a nice extra to the open day tour.

After the open day me and Jaz went to Covent Garden market for some Christmas shopping. We got VERY lost on the way because we got off at Leicester square tube station and walked to Covent Garden, but this turned into a good thing as whilst walking down an alley way we noticed FRDERIK FROM MADE IN CHELSEA in a Japanese (I think) restaurant !!!!!!!!!
I tried to take a picture of him by walking back and forward past the restaurant about 10 times, but I chickened out when he ACTUALLY LOOKED AT ME !!!! :)

Friday was the Made 11 fair in Brighton. I really loved the fair, because sometimes I find craft fairs a bit too hippy pottery for me, but Made was a nice mix of everything; textiles, clothes, jewellery, glasswork etc... My definite favourite artist was Lara Sparks who creates beautiful hand machine embroidered homewares and accessories. It was quite coincidental meeting her, as my friend has been doing work experience for her. Here is some of her work...

After this we went shopping (of course) :P We went to the lanes and had a picnic on the beach. On the beach there was a really cool gift/art shop selling eccentric books, jewellery, art and cards. My favourite things in the shop were the Rob Ryan home wares and the Tatty Devine jewellery.

Rob Ryan

Tatty Devine

I saw this necklace and instantly fell in love with it, but I was really good and didn't buy it...

...But then I saw this ring in a different shop and gave in and bought it :/ 

I am obsessed with laser cut Jewellery now, so I think I might try some at college...

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Ooooh and this....

This also made me really happy today... Tomorrowland festival in Belgium. Some people in my class were talking about going, and I had a look at the website when I got home and it looks AMAZING, so now I want to go!!! I will be turning 18 next summer, in perfect time to go to this, and IF (big if) I get into Uni, it will be my last summer before I grow up and have to act mature at Uni! Here is the 2011 trailer...

Looks Sickkk

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Depressed :(

I am going to have to admit that I am depressed about University! Not the thought of going, but the thought of NOT going... I have been to a few open days so far, and have seen one in particular that I LOVE!!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE IF I DON'T GET INTO THAT ONE ?????!!!!!!!! PANIC PANIC PANIC!!!!!!! I am so depressed that I can't even be bothered to watch Shipwrecked :O! On a more positive note, here are some things that have made me feel happy today....

The Bloody Beetroots! Heard them first a few years ago, but I kinda re-discovered them today :)

Cats - They always make me laugh :P

My friend showed me this video today, and its so mean against frogs but funny, and its only a cartoon; so no frogs got hurt :) It's a win/win really :)

I have never watched family guy before, and I probably wont ever, but it is very funny :P

Homemade soup - of the Pea and Carrot sort...Mmmmm

and finally...

Glow in the dark Knitwear by Johan Ku

Well, thats cheered me up :)

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Crystal Christmas at Harrods !

Ok, so I know it is a bit early to be posting about Christmas (even though all the Christmas adverts are all on TV already!) but this couldn't wait!
After a University open day in London today, my friend and I visited Harrods, to pretend we were rich enough to afford anything there :P But apart from all of the £10,000 dresses and £60 sugar cubes, what amazed me was the window displays. Inspired by Swarovski crystals, the windows were gleaming with beautiful dresses and sparkles.
To be honest, I would happily swap a life of meaning to live in Harrods and just wonder round all day going OOOOOOH, AAAAAAAHH, WWOOOWWW!! Here are some pictures of the windows; because yes, I was a proper tourist and took pictures of every one:P

Long Exposure photo, of the Harrods sign...

Only 44 days until Christmas !!

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Spider Webs !

Last week, giant spider webs were popping up all around College! This is because it is part of the Spinning tops project. We are collaborating with The Tate Modern museum and they are making videos of the webs being formed. We even had infant school children come in and weave their own webs, which was fun (hectic)! So anyway, here are some photos of our webs! And my friend Louis wrapped up in wool :P

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Spinning Tops ! #2

... Here are the photos from the Spinning Tops photoshoot that I couldn't upload last night...

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