Wisley Gardens

I recently went to Wisley Gardens !
I love walking round taking photos and there is always loads of flowers and plants to look at, even in the winter :)

I love this photo :) It reminds me of a dress I got from Topshop !

Panorama ...

Sitting down and we were joined by a really friendly Robin :)

Bananas in the green house...

It's amazing how everyday things can influence fashion so much...


Topshop leggings

Banana nails (Really want to get these !!)

Just bought this :) Summer 2011 here I come :)

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As an early Birthday present I was bought a new camera: Fujifilm Finepix S2750HD. Ever since then I have really been into Photography.
It's such an easy Camera to use, and it has loads of settings.

I have discovered the Photographer Tim Walker. I love his mix of colourful, vintage, surreal themes. He has also created fashion ads for Dior and Juicy Couture.

Definately worth a look !

I <3 this one !!

Here is some of the photography I have done ...

Trying out the Panorama setting ...

Photoshoots for College ...

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Designer Lollipops

Just found these...! Possibly the coolest thing on the Planet :)

WANT !!!!

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The other day my friend told me about a really good lollipop recipe on YouTube :)
I tried it out and I couldn't believe how little time it took to make the lollies and how good they tasted.

Definately worth a look !

I made plain sugar lollipops with edible glitter, and Orange flavour sugar mice shaped lollipops.
In total there was about 20 lollies and they were eaten in three days!

The plain lollies with glitter tasted like Golden Syrup. Yum !

Orange Mice Lollies (Mmm!)

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For ages I have really wanted to get a Swallow Tattoo on my Wrist... And then the other day I found this book in a second hand shop. I haven't read it or know the Author but I love the design on the cover.

I think it's a sign !

This was on one of the gates to the Globe Theatre in London...

Here are some other Swallow designs that I really like, and some fellow Bloggers with really nice Tattoos.

I can't wait to get mine done!

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