For my final major project!

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 These are all PHOTOGRAPHS of REAL Nebulas in Space! WooooWeee! How did they take them?! Magic Cameras! That's how!!!!

The Spire

Crab Nebula

Great Nebula in Carina

Eskimo Nebula

Lagoon Nebula

Orion Nebula

Also the Orion Nebula

The Pillars of Creation

Tarantula Nebula

Rotten Egg Nebula

Horsehead Nebula

All of these are bigger than THE WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM! And i'm not talking about maybe double the size... The Pillars of Creation are 20,000 times larger that the solar system! WOW!! and that is not even the biggest of them all! The Tarantula Nebula is the largest of them, measuring 600 light years (6 x 10 to the power of 18 meters)! BLIMEY, I feel very small right now!

This website came in handy again!

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Favourite Summery Songs This Week...

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Robotaki Remix)

M83 - Reunion (Mylo Remix)

Fenech Soler - Demons

Chillin' in the garden! (I WISH! No! I'm stuck at College)

Sad Face :(

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This music video was also on that website ... http://klosetkase.wordpress.com/ ! It is also very related to my Final Major Project based on space and aliens! I would LOVE to make something like this. Maybe I will!? Watch this space... (I did it again! PUN!)

Mille - Crysteena

I would just like to point out that Mille's style of music is very similar to Madeon!

Just sayin'

OMG! I just realised that's another M! Music i'm loving at the moment all begin with M! Madeon, M83, Miike Snow and now Mille!

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More Space / Alien inspiration... Wooooooo!

I found this really IDEAL website today! Consisting of PAGES AND PAGES of inspirational fashion, photography, films and art! All quite Extra Terrestrial inspired!

Most of the above pictures are from there...


To get me SUPER hyped for this project I have created a music playlist...

I'm not going to insert every youtube video because that would take AGES! But here is the list, in case you ever need space/alien related music...

Also if you have any suggestions, that would be appreciated :P

Here is one of my favourites...

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This post has nothing to do with the sun but OH WELL! It's about my Brighton project! The fact that it is ALMOST finished! All I have to do now is drive (make my parents drive) to the beach to photograph my mermaid chair in its natural habitat! Anyway, I have taken some photos of it at college in a blank space so it looks all professional even though the final pictures will be at the beach!

Mermaid kisses xx

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I have had this scrap of really bright fabric in my box for aaaages! So I thought I would do something useful with it; I made this outfit...

I was going to make a dress, but I thought a crop top/skirt duo would be more unusual! Hopefully the sun will be more inclined to stay out if I wear this :)

Sorry for the awful photo quality :/

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I LOVE Maarten Van Der Horst !

The Hawaiian Shirts of Maarten Van Der Horst's are my absolute favourite thing of SS 2012 and I love how the fun floral patterns have been continued in AW 2012! I think the girl/boy style is really great and wearing bralets over shirts sums this up perfectly! (I'm gonna try that !) The only criticism I have is i'm not sure if I would be quite warm enough in these in A/W 2012. Well not in England anyway! But the optimism in that is admirable :)

Here is the full show...


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This really is an incredible website!

My Dad sent me a link to this MIND BLOWING website!

The Universe is SO big! :O

It has everything from the smallest of all existing forms : Quantum foam, measuring 1 x 10 to the power of -35 (0.00000000001 yoctometers) ! To the largest: the observable Universe, measuring at 93 Billion light years (9.3 x 10 to the power of 26 meters)! WHOA that is BIG!!!
That website must have taken a LONG time to create!!
It also has really interesting facts and measurements; like total human height : 10 million kilometers (1 x 10 to the power of 10)! The total height if all the 7 Billion humans in the world were to stand on top of each other!
I would feel sorry for the person at the bottom :O

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Iris Van Herpen!

As I am nearing the end of my penultimate project at college, I have been looking at inspiration for my Alien/Space inspired FMP!!! A friend came across the designer Iris Van Herpen about a month ago, who's designs are actually INCREDIBLE! And very inspiring for the architectural, sculptural side of fashion that I may focus on for my FMP! Very Alien...

Collaboration between Iris Van Herpen and Daniel Widrig...

Iris Van Herpen - Capriole Collection...

She also collaborates with shoe company United Nude... (a company that designs high end looking shoes at quite reasonable prices)...apart from Van Herpen's which are £700+...

Really Love the "Fang" shoes above!!

Very Inspiring!!

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