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Forgot to mention: when I was in London for the LCF offers day I got photographed just outside of Oxford Street Topshop for a fashion website linked to Topshop and the Arcadia group. The street style photographers were writing a piece on festival fashion and thought I looked the part. The piece has only recently been posted on the website (hence me only blogging about it now)...


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(Having a good old trancey sesh!)


Shoe Inspiration.

This week (yeah I know it's only Monday) I am totally obsessed with these shoes, again from Kurt Geiger. (You really cannot go wrong with Kurt Geiger).

The Carrie shoes. In the sale from £195 - £79

One of my favourite era's is the 1920's. Probably because I loved the Great Gatsby; set in the same era. I feel these shoes would be quite at home perfectly placed on Carey Mulligan's feet!

This dress! Good lord! Worn by Carey Mulligan at the Met ball 2012.


Keeping with the Gatsby theme...


Just an all-nighter, running around the streets of Falmouth.

Had my first all-nighter in Cornwall the other day! It sounds kinda wrong, but all I mean was I went partying with some friends, then we decided to walk to the beach at 4am to watch the sun come up :) We didn't actually stay on the beach, as we decided to go on a Mission Impossible-esq tour of Falmouth, ending up on the pier for sunrise instead! Got some pretty pictures of the sunrise though...

Chilling on the Pier with Sally! (Yes, being awake at this time is not natural for me, therefore I look totally knackered and stroppy)...


Shoe Inspiration.

Kurt Geigers, £130 down to £49 in TKMaxx...
1 pair
My size
I wanted to buy them, but I don't have the funds, so I took a photo instead :) 
Every time I go back I keep seeing them! 3 times now! Maybe it's a sign!

Jeffrey Campbell sandals...
I think I am going to do a D.I.Y. jobby with some cheap white sandals and some belts to make these. Will do a post if I do.

From the Violette Femmes lookbook.

Finally, Sorapol shoes from AW/13. (Thanks Sally for introducing me to these)!

I LOVE these Sorapol shoes, but... the concept is similar to something else i've seen...

*I made them first*


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LCF - Offers day!

London College of Fashion are such cuties! The other day I received a lovely email inviting me to an open day; for all the people who received offers to study there in September :) This was a really good chance to meet future class mates, meet the tutors and ask questions. I must admit, Cornwall isn't the nearest place to London and I wouldn't usually travel all the way there just for one day, but I didn't want to miss this opportunity to meet people before September. (£78 and a 10 hour round trip train journey later...)

During this open day we were set a small task to do in our course groups. Being on the footwear course; my group and I were asked to dress a foot last and then present it to all of the other groups...

Our slightly weapon-ous shoe creature...

After the open day, I took advantage of the spare two hours I had before catching my train and took a trip up Oxford Street. Selfridges had THE BEST shoe sale I had ever seen. I just stood there for an hour drooling over the half price Nicolas Kirwoods! If only I had a summer job!

A cute souvenir I bought for my sister from the Japanese stationery shop...

Cat pen!


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Fruity Update

I would be sorry that I just bought a 5 pack of fruity kids socks from Primark, if it wasn't for the fact that they were only £1! Perfect to go with my new Jellies... 

That is all.

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Give me JELLY

This has probably got to be my favourite blog post subject everrr!

As you know, beloved tokens from our childhood have the habit of coming back in trend: First there were Dr Martens, then the Cambridge Satchel; and now we are presented with JELLY SHOES! My friends keep reminding me that I am waaay too excited about this, but I don't care, because Jelly shoes were one of the best parts of being a child and it is lovely to see them coming back in trend, in a more mature form of course :P

I ordered these bad boys from JUJU Jellies; on the Topshop website. Even the sweet, plastic smell of them was enough to take me back to the 90's...

At first I was a bit apprehensive that I may have ordered the less glittery version of these by accident, but upon opening the parcel I was reassured that I had bought the style of Jelly with the maximum amount of glitter possible. All was good in the world again!

I went for the heeled pair as they reminded me of a heeled, neon, glittery pair of Jelly shoes I had when I was about 6. In fact; when going through some old photographs I realised how much Jelly shoes played a part in my childhood. In about 90% of my old photos I was always styling a pair of Jellies, come rain or shine!...

There they are... The neon green, glittery, heeled ones!! Paired with frilly socks. So badass...

Adorbs!! Wish I was that age again!!

Just proof that Jellies are back for good... Featured in Elle magazine May 2013...

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Futuristic Fable

I have become such a lazy hermit recently. I have really neglected this blog... but I guess at least I can say that I am fully up to date on all my favourite TV shows :/

Anyway over the Easter break I finished one of my Uni projects; Futuristic Fable. Yess slightly similar to my UFO college project, but sorry, not sorry, I just love me some aliens.
Here are some snaps of my final piece...

Took me about a week to hand embroider the dress, which I am most proud of :) Could quite get into this embroidery obsession, might go and join a sewing circle or something...

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I want to be : Sky Ferreira

Model, DJ and singer... 

I really love her style!
Again from what I have interpreted from Twitter, she seems to be very rebellious and free spirited. This is portrayed in her style and music. Also the fact that she is a DJ makes her edgy-as-hell!

I have decided that to be happy in life I need to DJ, alongside designing of course! Just sayin'

Sky Ferreira's ad campaign for Forever 21, Summer 2013. 

This collection is actually so nice! Need those striped shorts at the top!

Images: Google

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Designer of the Week - Finsk

London based, Finnish born designer Julia Lundsten, has made her name in the footwear industry by launching her iconic label Finsk. Launched in 2004; Finsk has become known for its architectural, skyscraper heels and wedges. With an architect Father and an interior designer Mother, it is not hard too see where Lundsten's influences originally came from. Her shoes are said to be exceptionally wearable despite their towering height. I really admire the way that Julia Lundsten uses contrasting materials; such as wood and leather, to link her designs back to their natural and man made influences. Since launching her brand Lundsten has won many awards and is a regular at New York and London fashion week. Finsk shoes are also sold in shops all over the world.

Finsk project no. 4 are definitely my favourite...

They look like one of the easiest designs to walk in!

Images: Google and Finsk

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KENZO X VANS - Spring/Summer 2013

Japanese fashion label Kenzo are back with another collaboration with beloved footwear and apparel brand Vans! This year bears a punchy leopard print in 6 eye popping colour-ways, in two favourite Vans styles. Not gonna lie, I need the bright yellow and blue slip ons. Go hard or go home some may say, as I would go for the brightest!..

In stores April 1st.

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I seem to be on a Porter Robinson fixation at the moment. I haven't stopped listening to his beatport set from last summer:

This is probably my favourite track from his set: