My Pumpkin :)

Here's a spOOky Tim Burton inspired fashion shoot by Tim Walker...

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Dip-Dyed Hair!!!

So, recently I have been a big fan of dip-dyed hair. Discovering that coloured hair dye is only £4.99 in Superdrug, opened up a whole world of possibilities !!! First I went pink, then yesturday I decided pink was getting boring, so I went BLUE!!!

I seem to be quite awful at taking pictures of myself... sorry!


What colour next?

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I am VERY excited for the Versace for H&M collection to be released next month!! I was reading in Look magazine and it is the most sought after designer-for-highstreet collection yet, and it is beautiful!
I expect it will sell out very quickly as the H&M website have organised a wristband system, where you have to be the first 230(ish) people at the H&M shop to get a wristband and without one you can't shop the collection (sad face)! 17th November is the big date!!

Love it ALL !!!

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Lace Wings - Give-Aways

Here are some pictures of my give-aways for my brand Lace Wings for my college project. I have been non-stop working over half term, which is why I haven't blogged in a while! Just got to make another dress for the project presentation on thursday, 3 afternoons to make it :O

Drawstring Bag

Lip Balm and Solid Perfume



Up-Cycled Zip brooch


Business Cards

Fashion Booklet

Everything !!

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Lace Wings !!

For my branding project at College I have decided to create an up-cycled fashion business called Lace Wings. The name links to wasps and the recycled, delicate theme I want my brand to have.

I have made a dress out of old scraps of material and an old necklace, to display what is possible for my business.

Here is my logo (without a background) and a photoshoot of the dress I made.

I will now use these pictures on my business cards and posters...

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