I want to be : Sky Ferreira

Model, DJ and singer... 

I really love her style!
Again from what I have interpreted from Twitter, she seems to be very rebellious and free spirited. This is portrayed in her style and music. Also the fact that she is a DJ makes her edgy-as-hell!

I have decided that to be happy in life I need to DJ, alongside designing of course! Just sayin'

Sky Ferreira's ad campaign for Forever 21, Summer 2013. 

This collection is actually so nice! Need those striped shorts at the top!

Images: Google

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Designer of the Week - Finsk

London based, Finnish born designer Julia Lundsten, has made her name in the footwear industry by launching her iconic label Finsk. Launched in 2004; Finsk has become known for its architectural, skyscraper heels and wedges. With an architect Father and an interior designer Mother, it is not hard too see where Lundsten's influences originally came from. Her shoes are said to be exceptionally wearable despite their towering height. I really admire the way that Julia Lundsten uses contrasting materials; such as wood and leather, to link her designs back to their natural and man made influences. Since launching her brand Lundsten has won many awards and is a regular at New York and London fashion week. Finsk shoes are also sold in shops all over the world.

Finsk project no. 4 are definitely my favourite...

They look like one of the easiest designs to walk in!

Images: Google and Finsk

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KENZO X VANS - Spring/Summer 2013

Japanese fashion label Kenzo are back with another collaboration with beloved footwear and apparel brand Vans! This year bears a punchy leopard print in 6 eye popping colour-ways, in two favourite Vans styles. Not gonna lie, I need the bright yellow and blue slip ons. Go hard or go home some may say, as I would go for the brightest!..

In stores April 1st.

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What I'm listening to...

I seem to be on a Porter Robinson fixation at the moment. I haven't stopped listening to his beatport set from last summer:

This is probably my favourite track from his set:



My most recent blog post for online magazine Fussed.
This week (well technically last week) I got to write about my favourite designer Emma Mulholland...


Who wouldn't put a Guinea Pig in a hat?

Image: Emma Mulholland-Facebook

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Two words: UNICORN BAG

Need I say more...?

Unicorn bag by Sophia Webster A/W 2013

Images: Google
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I want to be: Chloe Norgaard!

Model and hair extraordinaire Chloe Norgaard! 
She is so colourful, not just her hair, but what she wears too. Very 90's, sea punk! Probably the most rebellious model at the moment. Move over Cara! 
I still want to dye my hair... but I wear so much red, I just don't see colourful hair and red clothes working :/...

See her in the behind the scenes video for the Forever 21 ad campaign-

Images: Google!

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Designer of the Week - Miista

Designed by London College of Fashion graduate Laura Villasenin; Miista shoes pack a punch for a fraction of high end footwear prices. The shoes are bold, exciting and include design features that would usually demand a much higher retail price. Based in Hackney, London; Laura Villasenin is inspired by the edgy street style and creativeness surrounding her. Her choice of prints and fabrics really catch your eyes and each pair of shoes is carefully handmade, with close attention to detail and design. You really are getting a whole 'lotta' shoe for your money.

These hit online shops on Friday!!! Tara - Neptune

I truly believe that these could actually be worn with most outfits, as the colours are quite subtle and not too bright!
 (This is coming from a person who wears Hawaiian shirts with tartan trousers, so don't take my word for it)...but out of all of the different styling options I have seen online, these shoes look bitchin' with anything...


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