Still sorting out the layout

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I have been experimenting with different moodboard layouts for the Brown project at college. Here is my final layout. I still need to stick some resin pieces on it, so that is what the blank bit is for...

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Pastel Astel Castel (Nothing rhymes with PASTEL :( :(

Aaaaages ago I screen printed some pastel coloured material with bugs and triangles. I wasn't too sure how to present it in my portfolio so I decided to drape it on a dressmakers doll in some funky ways (I know! I said funky ! Ewww). I am really pleased with the outcome and it is well timed for the pastel colours fashion trend this season. Here are some pictures...

Pastel fashion trend on the catwalk this season...

Louis Vuitton

Meadham Kirchhoff

Dolce & Gabbana


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Re-designing my Blog..

It will take a couple of days... bear with me.

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Previous Project !!!

So, as you may know, I have recently been working on my book/ journal project at College. Well I have finished that and am now on the the next project. The colour/rainbow/skirt/dress project (it does have a proper name but I can't remember it :P) The colour I got was BROWN!!! At first I was a little bit miffed receiving Brown because I felt Brown was really the short straw of the the colours :( But now I really like it and I have been doing alot of research into the colour and brown designer collections etc etc...

Anyway here are some pics of the pages from my Festival journal...

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P.s. The Madeon Radio 1 recording link expires in 6 days I think...Just so you know!

YOUNG TALENT!!!! MADEON !!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I am in LOVEEEEEEEE !!! Last night I watched the live streaming of Madeon playing on Radio 1 in Hull. He was only on for 20 minutes (THE BEST 20 MINUTES OF MY LIFEEEE)!!!!! I am actually gobsmacked at how INSANELY BRILLIANT his music is. He is only 17 (41 days older than me)! In 41 days I am never going to be that amazing, so I am slightly depressed that I haven't achieved more in my life so far, but I am working on it and last nights live set has inspired me IMMENSELY!!!! I am going to start working my socks off to a whole new level!!! NO MORE SULKING!!! (Or afternoons in front of the TV with the Nutella jar ):P

This is the link to the live concert in Hull and Madeon is on at 1 hour 4  minutes roughly, so you will have to scroll to that time!

There is a tasty little selection of his songs!!

Slightly obsessed now :/

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P.s. I am going to marry him one day!!! Honestly!!!.....just you wait and see!!


Yeah Yeah Yeah

In a few weeks I have got a friends fancy dress party and the theme is uniforms :O I have been going mad not knowing what to wear!? But then I remembered this video by Rihanna in which I really like the styling. It has inspired me to go as a soldier, as soldiers wear uniforms :)
Anyway more to the point, watching this video reminded me of my love for Jeremy Scott and Marvin y Quetzal. Jeremy Scott's creations feature in the Rihanna video in mickey mouse helmet form...

Rihanna - Hard

Jeremy Scott's designs also feature in Paparazzi by Lady Gaga...

Hmmm Hmmm these look very similar to Marvin y Quetzal's creations...

Love it all, but it is very confusing seperating the pictures from the two designers because they all seriously look like they could be in the same collection :/ Just saying...

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P.s. I promise I will start uploading new designers soon, not ones from 3 years ago :P


At College our new project has been to make a journal based on a found item from a charity shop...I found a music box, so from this I got the idea of music festivals! I have been looking at tie dye for the front cover and pages inside as this links to the festival culture. I have also been researching designers that use tie dye in their designs. Here are my favourites...


Peter Pilotto...


Ok, not all the Rodarte is tie dye, but I LOVE THEM !

Proenza Schouler...

Definately going to try to tie dye more this year !!! Goodbye double denim, HELLO DOUBLE TIE DYE !!!

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I have only just found out that versace for H&M are releasing a cruise collection!!! When did this happen !!!!!? It is all lovely as usual... but in a more Englishy summery way...

Released 19th Jan

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