Give me JELLY

This has probably got to be my favourite blog post subject everrr!

As you know, beloved tokens from our childhood have the habit of coming back in trend: First there were Dr Martens, then the Cambridge Satchel; and now we are presented with JELLY SHOES! My friends keep reminding me that I am waaay too excited about this, but I don't care, because Jelly shoes were one of the best parts of being a child and it is lovely to see them coming back in trend, in a more mature form of course :P

I ordered these bad boys from JUJU Jellies; on the Topshop website. Even the sweet, plastic smell of them was enough to take me back to the 90's...

At first I was a bit apprehensive that I may have ordered the less glittery version of these by accident, but upon opening the parcel I was reassured that I had bought the style of Jelly with the maximum amount of glitter possible. All was good in the world again!

I went for the heeled pair as they reminded me of a heeled, neon, glittery pair of Jelly shoes I had when I was about 6. In fact; when going through some old photographs I realised how much Jelly shoes played a part in my childhood. In about 90% of my old photos I was always styling a pair of Jellies, come rain or shine!...

There they are... The neon green, glittery, heeled ones!! Paired with frilly socks. So badass...

Adorbs!! Wish I was that age again!!

Just proof that Jellies are back for good... Featured in Elle magazine May 2013...

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