YOUNG TALENT!!!! MADEON !!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I am in LOVEEEEEEEE !!! Last night I watched the live streaming of Madeon playing on Radio 1 in Hull. He was only on for 20 minutes (THE BEST 20 MINUTES OF MY LIFEEEE)!!!!! I am actually gobsmacked at how INSANELY BRILLIANT his music is. He is only 17 (41 days older than me)! In 41 days I am never going to be that amazing, so I am slightly depressed that I haven't achieved more in my life so far, but I am working on it and last nights live set has inspired me IMMENSELY!!!! I am going to start working my socks off to a whole new level!!! NO MORE SULKING!!! (Or afternoons in front of the TV with the Nutella jar ):P

This is the link to the live concert in Hull and Madeon is on at 1 hour 4  minutes roughly, so you will have to scroll to that time!

There is a tasty little selection of his songs!!

Slightly obsessed now :/

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P.s. I am going to marry him one day!!! Honestly!!!.....just you wait and see!!

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