Last week I took a trip back to Hampshire (from Cornwall) to stay with my Grandparents whilst working in London! On one of my days off I took my Grandma to my favourite little vintage/secondhand/antique shop in Midhurst! (The one I blogged about before, where I got the Liberty scarf from)!
Well, surprise surprise I found another gem!
Not sure if it is fake or not :/ I'm guessing by its price of £10 it may well be! But it is such good quality that I don't really mind :P It came with Padlock and key, and had Hermes lining and zippers inside! It also had backpack straps so you can wear it in multiple ways!...

At the same shop I also bagged 3 meters of this vintage fabric! It is SO bright I love it! Wanna make a summer dress with it :)...
There are quite a few other charity/vintage shops in Midhurst too! I got this red boyfriend blazer from another vintage shop :)
Really love the buttons :)

 A few days before returning to Hampshire I visited Falmouth with some friends. Falmouth is also home to a few really lovely vintage/secondhand shops! In one of them I spotted my friend spotted this old comic for 50p! Those of you who know me, will know of my obsession with Unicorns, so I absolutely had to buy it :P I will probably never read it, but it is just one of those things I had to own!...

Speaking of Unicorns, I have found myself recently warming to the music of Unicorn Kid! I heard his stuff a while ago and didn't really like it, but it is definitely growing on me! Especially his new track "Need U" which is out soon! It's SO 90's :)
He is 20 and from Edinburgh! That's enough for me to like him!
AND he has really cool hair! The boy version of how I want mine :P
I really love this song, however i'm a bit unsure of the vocals! A tad too squeaky for me!
But oh well...Check out his hair....

Think he may have re-dyed it brown recently, but still!
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