Hello, Happy 2013!! A bit late yeah, sorry! I was back in Cornwall over Christmas! We moved into our new house on Christmas eve so it was a bit crazy... and I was without Internet for the whole 3 weeks!! Ohhh my 3G bill is gonna be bad :/

I was up to my old shoe making tricks again, for my film accessory project at Uni (The one I based on Spirited Away)!

Here are the photos from the final photo shoot.

Thank you to Amy for modelling. And to Stephen....(you know what you did) :D xxx

Things are getting pretty exciting this year: An upcoming internship, Ski trip, Paris trip and a possible (DJ related) part time job ;)

Also, the tattoo attempts that Laura and I both did a few months ago didn't turn out as well as planned.
On Wednesday we went to get them covered over...

I decided to get an extra couple of symbols to make the pain more worth while :)

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What i'm listening to...

Hmmm on the album this song is called Estocada...

Only realised the other day that if you press alt j on your laptop it makes a traingle :3 ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆


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