Shoe Inspiration.

Kurt Geigers, £130 down to £49 in TKMaxx...
1 pair
My size
I wanted to buy them, but I don't have the funds, so I took a photo instead :) 
Every time I go back I keep seeing them! 3 times now! Maybe it's a sign!

Jeffrey Campbell sandals...
I think I am going to do a D.I.Y. jobby with some cheap white sandals and some belts to make these. Will do a post if I do.

From the Violette Femmes lookbook.

Finally, Sorapol shoes from AW/13. (Thanks Sally for introducing me to these)!

I LOVE these Sorapol shoes, but... the concept is similar to something else i've seen...

*I made them first*


What i'm listening to...

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