A-Z of me !!

I had to do this as homework for the blog at my College, and I managed to copy it here :) So here it is; the A-Z of me !!!

Age -

(Hehe, you can colour it in if you like :P)

Bravest thing i've done - Errrmm !!! Don't really know :/

Chore I hate - Washing up, it grosses my hands out !!!

Dogs or Cats - Definitely Cats! Dogs smelly funny :P

Essential start to the day - NUTELLA!!!

No joke I had to eat Nutella after writing this !!!

Fear of - Wasps, Maggots, Puppets/Clowns, Death and Mouldy things :O

Geographical location that is important to me - Anywhere that my family is (lol jk)

Height - 5"5ish

Instrument I play - Ipod

Journey - My best ever - In the summer, driving from England to Elba, Italy. Driving through France, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and England - 7 countries in 3 days !!!

Part of my journey - Alps in France. We went through a tunnel in France and came out in Italy :)

Kick Ass Music Track - Madeon - Pop Culture (Live Mash-up) I am addicted to this song !!! -

Lust after - Anything CHANEL !!!

And at the moment this dress ... from Topshop

Movie - Kick Ass...
 or Napoleon Dynamite - Just for the dancing scene !!!

Hahaha !!! Just found this ... SOMEONE MADE A REMAKE !!!!!!

Nickname - Don't really have one :P

Outrageous Behaviour - I really am quite boring, I haven't really done anything outrageous before, apart from the typical hulk like teenager rage, resulting in smashed items and offended parents.

Pet Peeves - Loud chewing and Slurping, AHHHHH it bugs me sooooo badly :O

Quote from a movie - Well it's more of a paragraph than a quote, but it makes me laugh...

Recreational Activity - Listening to music, Cycling, Stamp collecting, lol jk!! (i'm not joking)

Siblings - One ridiculously pretty 12 year old sister called Hazel <3 Obviously i'm the runt in my family :P


Television - Anything trashy: Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Skins, Ugly Betty, 10 things I hate about you, Lost (not that trashy tho), Never mind the Buzzcocks... I have to say though this is my favourite scene from a TV show ever!!! Makes me laugh every time...

LOVE the hair :P

Undercover - What you didn't know about me - I can make my tongue into a flower shape (not that special really).

Va Va Voom - Who gets my engine running -

OBVIOUSLY the Beibster ! <3

What makes me stop and stare - Stars, can't help but look up and wonder whats there...?

X-ray vision - What I would like to see if I could - The bottom of the sea !!! NARWHALS !!!

Yummy, What I like to eat the most - JELLY STRAWBERRIES AND FRIED CALAMARI !!!

Ok, I just dribbled a bit :O

ZZZZZZ, What makes me sleep - Politics and blogging for 3 hours, Goodnight xxx

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