Wasps !!

So, the reason I haven't blogged for so long is that I have been doing a 3 week wasp project at college and I have been using every spare moment I have had to complete it. I have to say I am actually very proud of this project as I feel it is my best so far! Here are some pictures of why I have been so tired over the past 3 weeks. Zzzzzzz

Wasp Pencil Drawings

Ink and Sticks

Collage and Biro

Gold Card Print

Mono Print and Ink

Collage and Ink

Paint and (eye shadow :P) My favourite !!!

Ink and Bleach

Ink and Bleach

Photoshopped Gold Card Print

Photoshopped Gold Card Pattern

Wire Wasp

Wire Wasp

Photoshoot 1 - Projecting Wasps

Photoshoot 2 - Wings

Photoshoot 3 - Final Piece: Printed top and laser cut necklace...

Bring on the next project!!!
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