Today was the last official day of College! What a shame! I will miss it so much! Blaaa blaaaa!
 TBH I have decided that when I do actually finish college (in about 4 weeks, after the fashion show) I will be ECSTATIC! Time to get on with my life please!

I came home today in quite a miserable mood. It wasn't even the 5 hours sat in a stuffy class room that put me in that mood!...
( I will keep this moaning sesh short and snappy as I am trying to keep my blog from becoming one of those places where people B***h about their lives)...

A certain person really rubbed me the wrong way today, I was not a happy Bunny! (No matter how I write that, it sounds wrong :P Sorry)! When I got home I did the usual stomping up to my bedroom to avoid all human contact, put my computer on and angrily checked my blog to see if there were any new comments! Nop! There wasn't any, no one likes me! :(

Anyway (now i'm getting to the point)... While checking another blog, I discovered the designer Emma Mulholland! Her work immediately cheered me up, which is always a good thing! The playful surfer/ colourful grunge vibe of her work reminded me why I love fashion :) Occasionally you need inspiration and motivation to remind you of why you hope to dedicate your whole life to the fashion industry! It can be a nasty place, with nasty people in it, so it is nice to be reminded why you chose your path... Emma Mulhollands work did that for me :)

Emma Mulholland; an Australian designer who studied at Sydney’s Ultimo College at TAFE, takes great inspiration from the sea and her surfing childhood background!
"Fish are freaking insane, like the colors and patterns that are on them are just out of this world. I really do get into different animals. I am looking into lizards at the moment, and they’re just like aliens.”

I really like how she hasn't tried to be "edgy and individual" and has gone for an Australian theme, close to her heart, making her work different from other designers. She grew up near the sea and surfed! Why not base her collections around this....?

Here is a selection of her graduate collection and her A/W, S/S collections...

There is not one piece that I dislike !!!!

I just wanna learn to surf now! Especially now England has decided to give us nice weather for once in my life! :O

Knowing our luck it will probably snow next week!

(Sorry if I have just jinxed that! If it actually snows next week please don't hurt me!!)

He is a link to an article about her in DazedDigital...

I couldn't get on to her official website...:/

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