Interning in London For... ELEANOR AMOROSO!!

For the past few weeks (taking a break in the middle to visit Sardinia) I have been interning for Eleanor Amoroso! I blogged about her work a few weeks before I started interning for her, if you would like to see some of her work from past seasons...
This week is my final full week (as you can see by my amateur efforts at keeping up a daily London lookbook)! I have been helping to bind, knot, macrame and sew elements of her collection.
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be helping exhibit her S/S 2013 collection at London Fashion Week :D
Here is a little preview of her S/S 2013 collection...

You can find the official preview of all the exhibiting designers here...
I am actually loving interning for her and being in the buzz of London!
I keep meeting really interesting people on the train home :P
Today I was just sitting next to a lady who was crocheting a fur and crochet sample for a fashion company. I got talking to her and she has recently graduated from Bucks Uni, and is starting up her own website, alongside working for the fashion company.
Her website is still under construction but hopefully you can see some photos of her work soon. She showed me some photos on her phone whilst we were chatting on the train and her work looked amazing and very detailed.
I am definately becoming very fond of techniques such as crochet and macrame!
At the end of this week I will be able to show you some more photos of my week with Eleanor :)
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Whilst in Italy I discovered my summer song for this year!! Another mash-up from Tiesto's podcast...
I think I almost like it more than my all time favourite song/ mash-up from last year...

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