D.I.Y. Studded Chelsea boots

If I could give anyone good life advice, it would be to look past the high street and designer shops when buying Chelsea boots, but to find your local country store and buy them there! Seriously, every time I have wanted to buy boots like that, I have nipped in to my local country store and amongst the hay and horse food, there has always been the perfect pair of leather boots, for under £30!

In my mind Riding boots = Chelsea boots! They look the same, no?

Anyway, as mine were so cheap I though I could experiment with them, without worrying too much if I ruined them.

For this little D.I.Y. venture, all you will need is a pair of boots, spikes and a craft knife... And maybe some blu-tack.

Boots - Bought from Scats Country stores. £25 - Real Leather.

Spikes from ebay - You will need the spikes which screw on from the back.

Start by blu-tacking the spikes on, just so you can play around with the layout and design.

When you are happy with the placement, 
take the spikes off one by one and mark each one with a metallic pen.

Cut small holes with your craft knife, whilst twisting the knife to make sure the holes are circle shape. One of my most useful tools was a long spike from a broken earring I had. 
It was useful to push in and make the holes wider.

One by one cut the holes and screw in the spikes. Pushing in the screws from inside of the boot. It is easiest to start with the holes at the end of the toe, as they are most difficult to reach from the inside, so it is best to get the worst done first.


I am really annoyed because I forgot to take a photo of the finished product before I wore them in Paris, so now they look all muddy and beaten up.

But you get the idea.
I must admit I got a lot of strange looks from the Parisians! 
Surely they are accustomed to studded boots? I was a bit worried at first that I wouldn't be let through security at the Eurostar station, because trust me they are sharp! A kick to the face with these bad boys and one would surely be scarred for life!

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