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This week I visited Paris for 3 days with Uni. It was a highly amusing and interesting trip, including a lot of walking and over-use of the fish eye camera app on my phone. As i'm sure many of you have been to Paris, i'm not going to bore your socks off with a lot of tedious information about the place, however I will let my photos tell the story.

Arrival day

Walking from Musée des Arts Décoratifs to the Eiffel Tower, via one of the lock bridges...

Day 2

Walking from the Notre Dame to the Arc de Triomphe, via lots of boutique/designer/vintage shops, the Palais Royale and the Champ-Élysées...

Our hotel was based in Pigalle, on a road full of ummm..."interesting" shops and cinemas. A bit of a questionable area, but we were only five minutes from the Moulin Rouge, which reassured us that the area was not as "back alley" as we originally thought.

Day 3

Not such a busy day, as we planned to go up the Eiffel Tower, but it was too foggy and rainy. We chose to mooch around the Louvre area and then walk to Gallerie Lafayette, which is a department store with an incredible glass ceiling...

The main part of the department store. Photographed by my friend Amy...

In the evening we planned to go out clubbing as a large group, however a few malfunctions along the way and my friend Laura and I ended up in Paris Social Club alone. Nouveau Yorican were dj-ing there: a duo comprising of Gina Turner and Laidback Luke. The music was incredible and I even bagged myself a conversation with old Luke himself.

We were totally standing opposite them in this video!

Leaving Day

Before jumping on the EuroStar I had a wander around Pigalle and I came across this at the end of the road we were staying on.

I must say it was an awesome trip and despite the slightly dodgy areas and pick-pockets, I am slightly in love with Paris now. I even tried my dab-hand at speaking to some locals in French. I may have accidentally told a woman I loved her and that she was dead; all in the same sentence, but I am inspired to eventually be fluent in French someday.

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