Crystal Christmas at Harrods !

Ok, so I know it is a bit early to be posting about Christmas (even though all the Christmas adverts are all on TV already!) but this couldn't wait!
After a University open day in London today, my friend and I visited Harrods, to pretend we were rich enough to afford anything there :P But apart from all of the £10,000 dresses and £60 sugar cubes, what amazed me was the window displays. Inspired by Swarovski crystals, the windows were gleaming with beautiful dresses and sparkles.
To be honest, I would happily swap a life of meaning to live in Harrods and just wonder round all day going OOOOOOH, AAAAAAAHH, WWOOOWWW!! Here are some pictures of the windows; because yes, I was a proper tourist and took pictures of every one:P

Long Exposure photo, of the Harrods sign...

Only 44 days until Christmas !!

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