Depressed :(

I am going to have to admit that I am depressed about University! Not the thought of going, but the thought of NOT going... I have been to a few open days so far, and have seen one in particular that I LOVE!!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE IF I DON'T GET INTO THAT ONE ?????!!!!!!!! PANIC PANIC PANIC!!!!!!! I am so depressed that I can't even be bothered to watch Shipwrecked :O! On a more positive note, here are some things that have made me feel happy today....

The Bloody Beetroots! Heard them first a few years ago, but I kinda re-discovered them today :)

Cats - They always make me laugh :P

My friend showed me this video today, and its so mean against frogs but funny, and its only a cartoon; so no frogs got hurt :) It's a win/win really :)

I have never watched family guy before, and I probably wont ever, but it is very funny :P

Homemade soup - of the Pea and Carrot sort...Mmmmm

and finally...

Glow in the dark Knitwear by Johan Ku

Well, thats cheered me up :)

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