Westminster and Brighton !

On Thursday me and my friend Jaz went to an open day at Westminster University. The fashion course there is really good and the tutors were really enthusiastic and passionate about it. We also go to see and touch ACTUAL students work, which I thought was a nice extra to the open day tour.

After the open day me and Jaz went to Covent Garden market for some Christmas shopping. We got VERY lost on the way because we got off at Leicester square tube station and walked to Covent Garden, but this turned into a good thing as whilst walking down an alley way we noticed FRDERIK FROM MADE IN CHELSEA in a Japanese (I think) restaurant !!!!!!!!!
I tried to take a picture of him by walking back and forward past the restaurant about 10 times, but I chickened out when he ACTUALLY LOOKED AT ME !!!! :)

Friday was the Made 11 fair in Brighton. I really loved the fair, because sometimes I find craft fairs a bit too hippy pottery for me, but Made was a nice mix of everything; textiles, clothes, jewellery, glasswork etc... My definite favourite artist was Lara Sparks who creates beautiful hand machine embroidered homewares and accessories. It was quite coincidental meeting her, as my friend has been doing work experience for her. Here is some of her work...

After this we went shopping (of course) :P We went to the lanes and had a picnic on the beach. On the beach there was a really cool gift/art shop selling eccentric books, jewellery, art and cards. My favourite things in the shop were the Rob Ryan home wares and the Tatty Devine jewellery.

Rob Ryan

Tatty Devine

I saw this necklace and instantly fell in love with it, but I was really good and didn't buy it...

...But then I saw this ring in a different shop and gave in and bought it :/ 

I am obsessed with laser cut Jewellery now, so I think I might try some at college...

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  1. Wow :) I am very jealous you got to go, I love tatty devine...and lara sparks...AND rob ryan! I was at college this year :( I love your moustache ring by the way!!


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