Ooooooh ! Aaaaaaah !

As you all know it was fireworks night on Saturday. I am doing a spinning tops project at college at the moment, which looks at movement and colour etc... so Saturday was a perfect occasion to take so pictures for this project. Here are some pictures I took using long exposure on my camera :)

The image above looks like the end of the world !!! :O

The one above reminds me of the floaty, plant things from Avatar!!

Here are some more long exposure pictures I have taken for this project...

Taken in my photography lesson...

Jazz with a moustache!

Me with a hat!

Lauren with a bow :)

The one below was from V-festival in the summer, but I think it looks like a spinning top :)

Here is my favourite image I have done so far! Mono print ...

Less than a week to complete this project :O

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