Christopher Kane is a GOD !!!!

I just read this on StyleBubble - http://www.stylebubble.co.uk/style_bubble/2012/02/theres-something-shiny-in-here-.html I had seen this collection in lots of magazines but until now I have never seen it upclose. I knew Christopher Kane's ss 2012 collection was beautiful, but since seeing it in close detail I can't stop thinking about how stunning it is !!! It brings alot of good childhood memories back to me: collecting stickers, putting flowers in the flower press, wearing comfy, squidgy sandals to the beach :) Nostalgia and optimism are (in my opinion) the themes behind this collection (hence all the good memories). It takes an amazing designer to make 17 year olds want to frolic in the fields collecting flowers!...

I would actually jump off a cliff for this shirt...

All pictures from StyleBubble

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