Getting ready for Summer!


Even though I usually like snow, it's a bit annoying. I have just got back into the college routine and I have got interviews and work experience, then all this snow is dumped on us making it feel like Christmas. IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS ANYMORE !!! I WANT SUN !

It is freezing outside so I have been looking at these lovely designers who like summer and Hawaiian shirts and colour and frills! NOT SNOW!

Altuzarra - http://josephaltuzarra.com/collections/

Ok, I know there is a lot of black there, so it is not all colour, but I love the Hawaiian style influences!

Maarten Van Der Horst is the king of Hawaiian shirts however...

Susie Lau - Susie Bubble - Style Bubble.com is a fan...

Maarten Van Der Horst has a window at Selfridges for bright Young Things as one of England's top new designers...

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