How to make a (very easy) Jewellery board...

Yesturday evening I came home and just decided I wanted to make a board to hang all my bling on :P Luckily I had a plain notice board to hand and all the other ingredients (umm thats wrong, errr...crafty things, maybe that sounds better..??) Anyway, it was really easy to make and keeps everything neat and tidy. All in all it took about an hour to make, including hanging jewellery on...

To make the jewellery board you will need...
  • Notice Board - One which has a frame around it, to hide the edges of the fabric. (If not, don't worry, you can just tuck the edges of the fabric around the back of the board!)
  • Nice fabric! The size of the board.
  • PVA or fabric glue.
  • Pins or small nails to hang your jewellery on. I used thin silver tack like nails. No shorter than 2 cm long otherwise they will be too short and your jewellery will fall off.
  • A blunt knife. For sliding the edges of the fabric under the edge/frame of the notice board.
1. Measure your board

2. Cut out your fabric to the size of the board. If yours doesn't have a frame, then cut the fabric out allowing for enough to be stuck around the back

3. Cover your board in GLUE!!

4. Stick your fabric down. I let mine dry before sliding the edges under the frame.
You may have to trim the edges too, so they fit under the frame...

5. Stick pins or hammer nails in the board, hang your jewellery on, stand back and admire...


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