Made In England!

A student from London College of Fashion has just launched a menswear lifestyle label.
 You are probably thinking....Ummm yer and?
This brand features luxurious silk jacquard fabrics woven in England! Yaay Finally, a label emphasising manufacturing in England!
The brand named "Coeur" created by London College of Fashion graduate, Peter Jeun Ho Tsang channels the playful, preppy, gentleman of quirky England! Shame they don't do womenswear :/
It would be interesting to find out where the actual construction of the garments takes place? But at least it is a start at bringing fashion manufacturing back to England!

Very "This is England"!

If you look in your wardrobe I bet that you will only need one hand to count the amount of garments made in England! If that :O I counted one, and it was a 150 year old vintage jacket!

Something to think about...

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  1. Dear Holly,

    Many thanks for nice blog post. I hope that you are well.



    1. Hi Peter,

      I'm glad you liked the blog post :) Thank you for creating such a cool brand :)

      I am well thank you. Hope you are too :)

      From Holly x


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