Spaced Out!

The other day I visited INTECH! A space/science planetarium centre :)
I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more if I was 12 years younger! The place was filled with lots of small children getting in the way of my science photos. (That sounds sooo creepy, sorry!) I saw a film in the Planetarium, which was about black holes, which was interesting but made you feel like you were floating; very relaxing and I almost fell asleep. They wouldn't let me take photos in the planetarium (meh)! I got a few pictures in the main bit, where they had a lot of things to play with (i'm such a child :O). One of these things was a ReacTable; a very cool music making, DJ table thingy :/ Hard to explain, but they used it in a Swedish House Mafia video. Here are some videos which without words probably explain what the ReacTable is a lot better than I ever could!...

I want one!

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