Hello Again! I'm baaaack!

Hi, I am FINALLY finished with College! FMP DONE! Exhibition space DONE! Fashion show DONE! Exhibiton space taken down! I have filled in all the forms, so I am no longer a college student :( :'( Boo Hoo! So many things are happening in my life at the moment, that I haven't had time to get sad about leaving, (or keep this blog up to date :P) Sorry!

Here are some photos of the fashion show!

P.S. I didn'd fall over or die or break my leg in the shoes!!!

Being all poserful after our time on the catwalk...

On the catwalk...

Afterwards... With some cheeky photo-bombers!

Me and Abs being cool!...

Celebrating with a cheeky glass of..something?...

Thank you very much to my lovely models Hazel, Merri and Abs! xx

So that is that! Just got to wait a while for my results :) :/

In the meantime I will get back to my usual blogging self! Famous bloggers are already on to S/S 2013 and I haven't even started to document my favourite fashion shows !!! :O


MADEON IN 6 DAYS!!!! WIRELESS FESTIVAL THIS SUNDAY!!!!!! The weather had better get sunny! OR ELSE!


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