The Holy Grail!

Hello, I would just like to say that I AM SEEING MADEON TOMORROW!
The other day I bought a plain white t-shirt from Topshop with the intention to turn it into a Madeon tee. However, I decided against this as I would probably only wear it once.  

So, I decided that I wanted to have a go at a D.I.Y. cut out t-shirt. I also really like the religious cross trend at the moment and I wanted to combine these two things and make something to wear at Wireless Festival tomorrow!

I also found a really good website, with templates and designs for cut out t-shirts, but you can find ideas on Google Images :)
I made a cut out t-shirt with a cross on the front and back...

I cut out a piece of card and used this to draw around and repeat...

I then cut out the rectangles with fabric scissors! Most people only go through the front or back of the shirt, but I thought it would be cool to have the pattern on the front and back so it will always be seen depending if I am wearing a cardi or not!...


The front (With me in it)!

RIGHT I AM NOW ANGRY! I have tried to upload the photo of the back of this shirt! But it says I have used up my 1GB quota and I need to BUY more storage to upload more photos!! SINCE WHEN! ALL THESE PHOTOS HAVE BEEN REDUCED IN SIZE! AND... I have been able to upload WAAAAY more photos than this before! WHY HAS THAT CHANGED?!

I will try to upload the back photo in a different post!

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